Monday, May 26, 2014

Episode Five: She Didn't Wear Her New Jersey

Kevin gets real about an unreal state.


For those of you who want more information about the "establishment" geography of the region, here's Wikipedia on the Mason-Dixon Line.  You can follow up on such issues as The Wedge and The Twelve Mile Circle.  And yes, it's really called DelMarVa.  This is what they expect you to believe.  Your credulity may vary.

Apparently, modern Potemkin Villages are more Potemkin Village than Potemkin's original Villages.

New Sweden.

These guys are pretty good at keeping up the kayfabe in difficult circumstances, but they've got nothing on O'Donnell.

Obviously, the DC convinced George Washington to say that he'd decided not to attack Mt. Holly before he made his crossing.  That, or he was embarrassed.

Mike Meyers giving a wink to those in the know.

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