Saturday, February 28, 2015

Episode Twenty-One: It's Cold Out, Wear Your Papakha

Why is it so cold? Why did gas get cheaper? Kevin answers these questions the only way he can: oddly.


I'm not going to put up links about the weather in Boston right now. I have to live through it. If you want to read about it, you can look it up yourself.

How the legitimate press was covering Y2K

No, No, Nanette

Some coverage of the oil dip

An article about Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia

Crescit cum commercio civitas!

Getting from Alamut Fortress to Lahijan, Gilan Province on foot. If you plan to make the hike, don't bring any weed with you.

Rasputin's resurrective powers may have been exaggerated.

However, he does come in both disco and metal varieties.

Character Bio for R'as Al-Ghul. Note this is hosted by the comic book company, not the Delaware Commission.

Dennis O'Neil, who figured it out before Kevin did.

Another alleged assassination by Putin.

Putin's grandfather Spiridon, first to carry the name.

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