Sunday, May 1, 2016

Episode Thirty-One: I Can't Believe We Haven't Done the Bushes Yet

Seriously, what took so long?


PNAC.  Not very secret.

Skull & Bones report, from before George W. Bush's election.

Most of this is topical humor that is no longer relevant, but ctrl+f Rubio for a tour de force of cryptojournalism.

This book is an excellent overview of the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe; the author is particularly knowledgeable about what happened in Prague.

If you search for the history of the Westlake School for Girls, you'll basically find hundreds of pages that have copied and pasted from here.


Harvard-Westlake School


The aftermath of the Killian Papers lasted quite a while.

Manuel Noriega and the CIA - obviously, this leaves out all of George W. Bush's involvement, which is still a well-kept secret.

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