Thursday, May 28, 2015

Episode Twenty-Three: Who Will Squatch the Squatchmen?

What does the legendarium of the Pacific Northwest owe to Joe Stalin?  What are the dangers of letting your advertisers get too cozy with each other?  Listen, and be enlightened.

Download link.

A sober look at the Ivanov experiments, and the way they the story developed when it came to light.

Monster Quest's take on it.

Nikolay Timofeev-Ressovsky's wikipedia entry.

Sungul health spa.  Link is in Russian.

Here are some pictures of the Denisova Cave.  The studies of the Denisovan genome.  Evidence for interbreeding with early humans.

Rawr, Gigantopithecus!

Various fakeries.

Aside from Kevin, my preferred source of info on cyptozoology is the International Cryptozoology Museum.

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