Thursday, June 18, 2015

Episode Twenty-Four: Look Closer

Kevin doesn't settle for easy answers as he responds to listener questions.


1)  "Spam With Me if you Want to Live"

Paul's Blog

Axe v. Satellite

Will the Singularity Happen?  Yes/No


Sunny Ellesmere

2)  Taman Shudn't Have

An interesting article.

Fitzgerald's translation

Juicy Fruit; traditional Maltese Cross

Santa Catalina Island, New Grandmaster's Palace?

The modern Order, so modern, in fact that you can give an oblation by clicking a button on their website.  They still call it an oblation, though, because tradition matters for something.

3)  It's just gravity, guys

Pretty good summary of the phenomenon.

Some people think it's pretty powerful stuff

I'll go ahead and link Episode 7 here.  Episode 4 may also be of interest.

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