Monday, July 20, 2015

Episode Twenty-Five: THEY Always Win ... Except When They Don't

Kevin shows that there's no need to be pessimistic all the time.  Just most of the time.


Part 1:  El Rey

Here's a short article about Juan Carlos, from shortly after his abdication.

Here's an English-language article on the coup attempt.  If you can read Spanish, search for 23-F, and you'll get the plenty of sources.

Part 2:  Mississippi River Horse

Between you and me, Kevin's theories might be the least interesting thing about this story.

What you really need to do is read this article.  It might become a movie.

It may sounds strange to buy a long-form journalism piece and make it into a movie, but sometimes it kind of works out.

If American Hippo does well enough, expect a follow-up:  2 Hungry 2 Hippopotamus.

Part 3:  Man to Serve

Here are some things that don't work.  Seriously.

Hooray for irony.

Kevin assures me that the news report at the end of Day 4 is full of coded information for the astronauts regarding the contract, but I wasn't able to make much sense of it.  When I asked him to explain, he said something about the I-Ching and hung up the Skype call.

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