Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Episode Twenty-Six: What's Goin' On

Current events in our country, world, and solar system.


1)  Curse of the Jade Helmet

There's more Jade Helm 15 stuff on the internet than I could possibly link, but here's a few:

Wal-Mart theories.   Governor Abbot.  Ted Cruz.  Random small-town folk.  Walker, Texas Ranger, walkin' it back.

Some people take this stuff seriously.

A Quizilbash with red top.

A little bit about Chaldiran.

A little about the Ming Dynasty.  Note that the Hongwu Emperor has misplaced his red turban in this portrait.

Kevin mis-spoke when comparing Shah Ismail to Sancho Panza.  He meant Pancho Villa, but got the Ps and Ss switched around.  Our thanks to @stenoknight for the correction.

2)  The Greckoning

You can find your own links about all that econ/finance stuff.  It bores me as much as it does Kevin.

You like-a the juice?*

*PS Lorne Michaels, Adam Sandler, I am 100% willing to work with you on this movie idea.  This could totally work.  Call me.  I am not afraid to sell out.

Still not trending, Putin.  (Xanatos Gambit, for those unfamiliar).

If scenario 5 confused you, you need to listen to Episode 13.

3)  New Horizons, Old Enemies

It may not have carried nukes like Kevin wanted, but it did have a pretty decent camera.

These guys obviously didn't hear the message.

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